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“Evil” British Medicine?

October 4, 2009

by Peter Foges

“Evil,” ”Stalinist,” “Nazi.” Full of incompetence and bureaucratic bloat; a socialist system that rations care; a system where patients wait months to have their tonsils out or are left to die in squalid, ill-equipped hospitals by order of sinister death panels.

That’s how the Republican Right and anti-healthcare reform crazies characterized socialized British medicine over the summer as they railed against President Obama’s already-compromised ideas about fixing our broken U.S. system.

How did such an alleged abomination as the British National Health System (NHS) begin, and why does even the probable next Prime Minister, elitist old Etonian Conservative leader David Cameron, insist that he’ll strengthen rather than scrap it? The details and the “Who’s Who” of the story may surprise you. more

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