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The Problem of Evil

November 11, 2009

by Tom Clark and Hitler

hitler_2The Wizard makes the argument that our displeasure with the sufferings, pains, discomforts and inconveniences of our state may be attributed to a deficiency of objectivity on our part.  We simply fail to see that when things go wrong in our little corner of the universe, there must inevitably be some other corner of the universe in which things are going right.

In the language of the casino, the Wizard is the House.   The House wins every argument.  Merely to argue for the sake of arguing is no more than a form of pastime on our part, a kind of playing.

A scholar once estimated the odds on life as six to five against.

This opinion was reiterated as the epigraph to a thesis on game theory.

The author of the thesis was consulted in the course of the tense policy debates that went on behind the scenes during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

One recalls the coeds being fetched home from their dormitories to Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids in those days when the end of the world seemed at hand.    In their plaid kilt skirts with the large decorative fake gold safety pins; the chilled red kneecaps, raw in the northern light;  the silent fathers packing the cheap imitation leather suitcases into the trunks of the Detroit iron cars.  What was there to say.  The incipient  end of the world was that of which one could not speak, and anyway it was cold and getting late, the motor was running. more

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