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“the single word and two syllables of ‘titwank’ is more euphonious than the staccato polysyllabism needed to describe the action in less ‘vulgar’ language”

November 12, 2009

by Rebecca Attwood
from Times Higher Education

When Alan McKee submitted a paper on pornography to a leading social science journal, he did not attempt to spare readers’ blushes.

But the language he used did more than raise eyebrows: it earned him a ticking-off from the academic referees who reviewed the paper.

“Certain language used in this study is unnecessarily vulgar and unscholarly … eg ‘wanking’ instead of masturbating … ‘tit rubbing’ instead of breast rubbing or fondling … ‘turkey slapping’ and ‘titwanking’,” he was told.

The paper was published after he rewrote it and removed the “rude” words. more

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