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Slavoj Žižek – Living in the End Times

January 13, 2010
Vodpod videos no longer available.
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  1. Vijayendra permalink
    January 14, 2010 5:19 pm

    Very innovative and creative way to express and explore ideas, but I still feel that the efficiency of technique of visual arts used in this sleek production has an upper hand than effective delivery of subjective contents of Zizek’s arguments. His categories of analysis (for instance. the idea of image as new “Reality”, use of political lexicon (of left, right and centre variety) does not seem very convincing. As one shifts from one set of images to another one even forgets what was even said in the previous encounter. One obviously here tends to move with images. In trying to verbally encounter the visual tour de force of contemporary reality, I feel Ziziek actually gives in more than he is able to take hold of.

    The problem with left intelligentia (Zizek included) is that it is hopelessly obsessed with an ” insider epistemology” of sorts (exemplified by new and old (even some novel) phrases like “little bit liberal”, “state socialism”, “old leftists”, “capitalist facist”, popular democratic, :authoritarian capitalist, ad infinitum) that has not only lost its generl descriptive, explanatory and analytical power in relation to broad mass of people, but also much less finds any agreed meanings even among different shades of leftists themselves. Uses of this kind of words is very contingent, often adopted to dictates of convenience and is some kind of festish even.

    There is obviously here disconnect between the language, imagery and symbolism that is used to describe the percived reality of the world and how one actually understands, represents and sees the reality of world. It is this void of meaning that needs to be concretely addressed and one that we (both winthin and outside left) are failing to concretely address.

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